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Spring is a time of the year characterized by renewal and in most cases, property owners choose to spruce up their properties by improving on the appearance and appeal. A part of improving property’s appearance is painting it and as the painter near me, the team at Hanover Adams And York Painting Contractors are able to handle all spring time painting services to better improve the appearance of client’s property.

There are many benefits to spring painting of the commercial or residential property. At Hanover Adams And York Painting Contractors, below are some of the advantages you stand to gain from our spring painting services.

  • Optimal Outdoor temperatures

Commercial and residential property owners are interested in having their painting projects completed as soon as possible. However, in damp weather conditions, drying out of the interior and exterior paints may be harder to achieve. With the spring time comes the optimal temperatures which allows for proper drying out of the paints. The optimal temperature also guarantees that the paint will cure in the best possible way thus further improving the lifespan of the paint.


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    • Perfect timing

    Painters near me are commonly busy during the spring time and this makes it a smart schedule for business owners to choose exterior commercial painting jobs for earlier in the season. Doing this will allow commercial property owners enjoy ample time for their paint to dry out.

    If the painting crew start painting earlier in spring, they will enjoy more time to plan around the rain days or late-season snow storms.

    • Protect the exterior of the building

    Weather conditions can be harsh in some cases and this can do damages to the exterior paint job. To ensure that the exterior painting job comes out perfectly, it is recommended that you choose early in the spring period. The team at Hanover Adams And York Painting Contractors will employ the use of top quality paints sourced from trusted suppliers to perfect the job. The team are also better equipped to spot damages to walls and make repairs before carrying out the paint job to ensure that clients remain satisfied with the outcome for the longest period of time.

    At Hanover Adams And York Painting Contractors, we also perform proper calking and sealing services which is aimed at combating water seepage into concrete walls. We are able to locate and detect fine cracks and pin-sized holes that create space for water to collect and seep inside walls.

    Our professionals boast of a fool proof and proven method to help prevent against water seepage and make sure the wall is tightly sealed. Our process involves:

    • Caulking and sealing: This is done using specialized caulking and sealing products which have been specially selected for their quality. we ensure that the products are diligently and appropriately applied to the concrete walls.
    • High quality paint: After sealing the walls with caulking and sealing products, our team applies top quality paint to create a tight seal thus further protecting the walls from water seepage.