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Hanover Adams And York Painting Contractors: The Best Painter Near Hanover PA Discusses Their Painting Process

There are several commercial and residential Hanover painters. however, it is important that you find the best painting company to handle all your painting needs and deliver premium results. At Hanover Adams And York Painting Contractors, we have a team that is experienced and has handled several projects, delivering results that not only meet but exceeds the expectations of our clients.

As the top rated painter near Hanover PA, we have developed a process which allows us deliver the best painting services to all our residential and commercial clients.

Our painting process is one of the keys to the success of our business and brands as we are able to take on all jobs, whether big or small, commercial or residential, interior or exterior and deliver nothing short of premium quality results.


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  1. Our great Hanover-area clients have been interested in our process, below is how we do our job and get it done right.

    • Initial consultation

    We understand that each of our clients are different and require different results in terms of appearance, color, style and sophistication. We are able to meet with our clients, discuss their needs and ensure that they understand properly what they want. We are able to give clients an idea of the result while also helping indecisive clients choose the best colors based on their preferences. Having worked with hundreds of clients both for commercial and residential painting services, we are able to walk them through the process answering all their question

    • We take a look at the building

    Each building is different from the other and has unique features and characteristics which should be taken into account when painting. We are committed to getting the job done right and this means we take a look at the building during the initial consultation. We will also take note of areas where much work is needed to ensure that the end product is excellent and meets client’s taste. We will take note of areas needing repairing and patching and other maintenance upgrades if any.

    • Work to figure out the design

    We know you wish to project your sophistication and style on your property and as such, we will work with you to ensure that the best designs are chosen for your property, whether interior or exterior area. We have a team of designers who are well-trained and able to replicate your specific needs to perfection.

    • We start preparing the walls

    Following agreement on the color, styles and other modalities, we will begin with preparing the walls for painting. Our preparation process is comprehensive and aimed at delivering a longer lasting paint service. We will wash, sand, fill and caulk all necessary areas to ensure that the surface is perfect for a fresh coat of paint.

    • We Paint

    After the surface has adequately been prepared, we proceed to add a fresh coat of paint on the prepared surface. Ensuring that client’s specific detailing are taken into proper consideration.

    We will inspect the end result to ensure that they meet and exceed your expectations to become your favorite painter in Hanover PA