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Hanover PA Resources

Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors, a Painter in Hanover PA, presents this handy resource guide for the Hanover area. Hanover is a historical municipality within York County of Pennsylvania. The town got established in the late 1700s as an intersection town connecting different Cities in the South of Pennsylvania. The strategic location brought many business people to Hanover as they pass through to other Cities. It rose rapidly to become a commercial hub for scores of travelers passing through it.

Hanover major economic boom came from the railway line that had a direct connection to York County. The rapid development continued from the late 19th century to the early 20th centuries as more people moved to make Hanover their home town.

Today, Hanover’s economy keeps growing thanks to the foundation laid during its inception. It has a well-connected road system to other Cities such as York and Baltimore, Maryland making it an attractive area to live.

Small businesses thrive because of support from the government as well as the strong local economy which gives the residents a high buying power. As Hanover is a historical borough, tourists trickle in to enjoy the historical trail and museums. 


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Hanover’s Major Resources

  1. Manufacturing Industry

Backed by the productive agricultural land in the area, Hanover is the central snack-food producer of the United States. There are scores of manufacturing companies such as UTZ Quality Foods, Herrs Snacks, Wolfgang Candy, Hanover Foods and many others. The manufacturing industry provides employment all year round as well as boost the City’s economy through the supply of processed goods. The unemployment rate in Hanover is one of the lowest at less than 10%.

  1. Retail Malls

To serve the local and travelers alike, Hanover has many retail outlets and thriving shopping malls. The most famous shopping area is the Golden Mile stretch which is a four-lane road connecting both path 194 to the east and Route 94 to the west. Major shops on the street are Walmart, The Home Depot, Kohl and many others.

  1. Hanover Attractions

There are many things to see and enjoy in Hanover. There are many recreation activities you can participate in such as fishing and golfing. The area has two museums both for local history and diesel engine exhibits. You’ll also find fascination in art centers, historical trails, State Parks, countless eateries and hotels.

  1. Transportation

The road and rail network is a significant resource for Hanover City. Countless roads connect different neighborhoods in the municipality. Also, four important routes connecting Hanover to the neighboring cities. All the four courses are, route194, route 94, route116 and route 216 join interchangeably leading to different directions outside of Hanover.

  1. Schools

Two school districts are serving Hanover with a total of ten schools between them. The Pennsylvania Department of Education supports some of the school’s activities such as cyber charter school to help in bringing up all rounded individuals. Hanover doesn’t have a college however, there’s a beauty school campus as well as various course classes in some of the high schools. The public schooling system of Hanover is a significant resource for the county though there’s the option of a private high Scholl or homeschooling.