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History of Hanover, PA - A Resource Guide


This guide was created by Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors, a Painter near Hanover PA, to help our customers and clients learn more about the local area. Hanover was founded in 1763 at a location with five streets. Major roads passing across and near Hanover contributed to its fast growth. Hanover, as a route back, was mostly used by Indians and other settlers transiting from Philadelphia through York County to Maryland and Virginia.

The six major roads crossing Hanover contributed immensely in making it a prominent business destination. The first railway was constructed in 1852. The railroad became a great connection between Hanover and other destinations. The first railway provided an indirect route. In 1873, a more direct railway route was constructed.

In 1877, a railway connecting Hanover to Baltimore was constructed. The rail transport impacted positively on trade and development in the area. In northern Hanover, industries were started to take advantage of the accessible rail transport.

Due to development in the transport sector, Hanover began developing architectural works and constructions. Only a few ancient buildings in the town still exist today. In 1730, Conewago settlement was developed. It was controversial whether the land was in Maryland or in Pennsylvania.

The exact location of the settlement was later determined after the Mason-Dixon Line was drawn. Richard McAllister, a scots-Irishman, acquired the huge land on which Hanover was later built. However, the 1812 war became a setback to the growth of the town. Population decreased and construction works halted due to the war.

Baltimore and Hanover created a continuous railroad connecting to Gettysburg through western Maryland and Bachman in 1877. After the war, Hanover healed and began growing from where it slowed, becoming a desirable destination for many locals and visitors alike.


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Modern Hanover, PA  

Politically, on October 24 2018, Hanover’s first African-American mayor was sworn in. Myneca Ojo was selected by the Hanover Borough Council to fill the office that Ben Adams had recently vacated. He was a diversity director at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

She is ranked second as the woman to be sworn in as a mayor in Hanover. Serving from 1993 to 2007, Margret Hormel was the first female mayor in the region.

Industrial Development

Hanover is a major source of agricultural products in America. It has been featured severally on the Food Network. Since 1921, Utz Quality Foods has had its base in Hanover and still produces its products in conjunction with Utz Outlets and the Snyders of Hanover.

Other snack food makers such as Wolfgang Candy, Hershey Foods, Martin’s Potato Chips and Gibbles Potato Chips work to meet Hanover’s need for processed foods. Menchey Music Services, established in 1936, maintains its domain in the same area.

A large limestone quarry owned by the Vulcan Materials Company is located to the north of Hanover. The city is a great destination for shopping, holidays and vacations. Vast attractions in the region make it a top destination to visit or live in within the wider state.