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Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Hanover, PA

Hanover, PA is a good place for individuals and families to call home. In the past years, the city has experienced great developments in the real-estate sector. The rising infrastructural development in roads and other means of transport have greatly contributed to making it an amazing place to settle in. Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors, a Painter Hanover PA, has put together this guide to the top 4 neighborhoods to live in.

Buildings in the neighborhoods of Hanover are mostly of modern designs. However, you’ll also find several ancient designs and contemporary buildings in the city neighborhoods, including historic brick structures. If you’re looking forward to buying a house in Hanover, here’s a selection of the best neighborhoods to consider:

Top 4 Hanover Neighborhoods to Buy a House

  1. Edgegrove

Edgegrove is a sub-urban neighborhood located in Hanover, PA. It is mainly made of medium-sized and large houses. It houses single family homes and townhomes to meet the varied needs of residents. Many people often dream of owning a home in a neighborhood lined with rows of magnificent houses and trees.

The neighborhood has been a paradise for many residents for several decades. With an opportunity for you to call Edgegrove neighborhood home, you might have to part with more money than if you bought a house elsewhere.

Yes, houses in Edgegrove are expensive, but definitely worth every penny spent. Edgegrove features among top neighborhoods in Hanover, PA.


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  1. Park Hills

Park Hills is an amazing neighborhood in Hanover, PA. If you love a serene environment to live in and do personal studies from home, Park Hills is the place for you. It is an easily accessible neighborhood with state of the art facilities for its residents. Complete with good roads, buying a house in this neighborhood is the desire of many rich people and close to many nearby resources.

The neighborhood has good schools to prepare your kids for the future that awaits them. Acquire a house in Park Hills to get the opportunity of living in this beautiful residential area in Hanover. Houses vary from inexpensive to more expensive according to size and design.

  1. Hickory Hills

Hickory Hills has been featured among top desirable places in America and other parts of the world for many years. Buying a house in the neighborhood is recommended for families because children have a range of destinations for fun days during weekends and over the holidays.

The Hickory Hills Water Fall is a scenic place with beautiful views; you’ll love viewing it even from your balcony or rooftop. The neighborhood is easily accessible with beautiful and affordably-priced houses that fit most budgets. Make sure you get value for your money.

  1. Cherry Tree

If you prefer a green environment with good vegetative cover to call home, this is the neighborhood to buy a home? Cherry Tree is home to various residential buildings ranging from single family houses to condos and townhouses. They also come in varied sizes and prices. After paying a viewing fee, you will be assigned an agent to show you houses that meet your needs for one.